CBD delay the metabolism

Anticoagulants Both THC and CBD delay the metabolism of warfarin, an anticoagulant that is prescribed with great frequency. Wrong doses of warfarin cause tens of thousands of emergency room visits each year due to excessive bleeding. The Project Sera Labs CBD Oil manual discusses a recent case study as an example of how doctors can adjust the dose of warfarin successfully for a patient who is also taking a strain of CBD.

The information that appears in the Project CBD manual is intended to help doctors and patients understand if and when they are possible, the drug interactions with cannabis or cannabinoids. It is not meant to stoke fears about drug interactions or add decades of inopportune hysteria against marijuana, the writer emphasizes.

How dangerous are drug interactions with cannabinoids? As dangerous as consuming an incorrect dosage of the other drug that the patient is taking. Problems are more likely to arise when a patient combines a high dose of a benign Sera Labs CBD Oil strain with a pharmaceutical product that has a very narrow window between its therapeutic and toxic levels.

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